Battery Service and Supplies

In addition to being a Crown battery distributor, PennWest is also your source for battery maintenance. Whether with Planned Maintenance programs or the equipment to keep your battery going, we have you covered. Make PennWest your first stop for complete battery and charger service, including:

    Call us at 800-221-5438 (Mount Pleasant) or 724-226-1600 (Pittsburgh) today,
     or email George Mott (gmott@pennwestlift.comto learn more.

    Multi-Voltage Industrial Chargers:
    We offer a full line of industrial chargers, including these Multi-Voltage 120V industrial chargers, which have been designed to make them ideally suited for rental applications where hard-wiring an industrial charger is not feasible. Battery and lift truck rental managers will quickly see the benefits of this well-designed unit.

    Battery and Charger PMs:
    A battery is a terrible investment to waste: and with our battery and charger preventative maintenance programs, you will not have to. We offer battery cleaning, testing, and reporting from our skilled battery technicians, as well as charger clean-out, in simple, flat rates that cover all travel, labor, and cleaning supplies. Take a look at our Battery PM Scope of Work.

    Enpac Spill Kits:
    The Enpac line of spill kits come in a variety of options to suit your facilities’ needs. Be prepared in case of battery acid spill with these response kits.

    FlowRite Watering Systems:
    The Flow-Rite line of battery watering systems include the Pro-Fill Single Point Battery Watering System. With single-point watering, your battery maintenance will be made faster, safer, and more reliable, with automatic shut-off valves, allowing for water to flow until each battery cell independently reaches the correct electrolyte level.