Battery Regeneration Services

Industrial Batteries lose capacity and efficiency due to accumulation of extremely hard lead sulfate crystals over time. Standard charging methods will not reverse this process. Our Battery Regeneration Technology can restore and prolong the life of your batteries and will save you money by giving you like new performance WITHOUT THE COST OF BUYING A NEW BATTERY.   We can also identify bad and weak cells to be replaced further increasing a battery’s power.  

From a recent customer:  “Our three year old 48 volt battery was only operating at 47% capacity and our run times were less than 4 hours.  After being regenerated, the battery is now operating at 87% and under normal running conditions will provide power for an entire shift.”

What Can Our Reconditioned Batteries and Chargers Do For Your Batteries?

Battery Services Pricing:

Preventative Maintenance

  • 24 volt …. $45 / battery
  • 36 volt …. $65 / battery
  • 48 volt …. $75 / battery
  • 80 volt …. $85 / battery

Battery Extender Service

  • 24 volt …. $500 plus freight
  • 36 volt …. $600 plus freight
  • 48 volt …. $700 plus freight
  • 80 volt …. $800 plus freight

Contact George Mott ( at 724-963-7033 or your salesman for more information.