Columbia Parcar

Move. Tow. Carry. Haul.

For over 60 years, Columbia Parcar has been a manufacturer of electric utility vehicles. Columbia is known for its safety and environmental awareness when developing and manufacturing their utility vehicles. Columbia belongs to The Nordic Group of Companies, a family owned business. If you would like to know more about the Columbia Parcar products, feel free to contact your local PennWest branch or call us at 800-221-5438.

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Our Best Selling Columbia Parcar Products:

Payloader-Regular Duty-BC2: Whether you are carrying light or heavy loads, the maneuverability of the Payloader Series is second to none. Columbia’s Payloaders can carry up to 5,200 pounds, tow up to 14,000 pounds and travel up to 17 mph while offering exceptional maneuverability and access to places that larger burden carriers just can’t go. We use the same chassis for all our different weight classes which means durability and dependability will not be an issue.
Expediter EX21-T: The Expediter™ is your Productivity Partner; getting you where you are going quickly and safely. Its narrow design and short turning radius enable you to transport personnel and payload through the “tight spots” and right up to the job site with ease. The fold down seat back quickly converts the Expediter™ into a two-person transport, making it the ideal working solution for warehouses, industrial complexes, hotels, resorts, shopping centers, campuses and many other applications.
Chariot-CR10: Quickly and safely transporting key personnel is precisely what the Chariot does best. Designed to fit through standard doorways, the Chariot will take you just about anywhere you need to go. With a low center of gravity, stand-up operation brings unmatched visibility while moving personnel through various indoor and outdoor environments. And, traveling three times faster than walking, the Chariot will help you get more done – in less time.
Utilitruck-EU4: With the highest load capacity of Columbia’s range of Utility Vehicles the Utilitruck is heavy duty. For indoor/outdoor operations the EU4 is an efficient, clean, noiseless solution.