“The Workhorse of the Bottling, Beverage, and Food Service Industries,” MAGLINER is known to be the industry leader for Hand Trucks. Magliner products specialize in being able to maneuver heavy weights, up to five hundred pounds, all the while staying durable and easy to move. Magliner distributes locally and its products are made in the USA. Spanning from the company’s founding in 1947, Magliner has been committed to providing safe and innovative equipment.

At PennWest, we offer:

  • A fully stocked inventory of Magliner hand trucks
  • Immediate pickup
  • Delivery completely assembled to your door
  • Magliner accessories, such as Keg Hooks for the bottling and beverage industries
  • Material Handling Englineers’ ability to supply you with the Magliner for your needs

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