If you’re lifting 3,000 lbs or less, we’re your answer.

Staxx is the durable, innovative, and economic solution to your lightweight material handling. The innovations such as Moonwalk, which allows for the operator to drive a truck while standing to the side of the unit, and intelligent chargers, show Staxx’s versatility and commitment to handling excellence.

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Pallet Trucks

WPT30-2 – 3000 lb Walkie, DC Drive
PPT15 – 3300 lb Walkie, DC Electric Drive Unit with Manual Lift
WP45M – 4500 lb Walkie, AC Drive
PT55-II – 5500 lb Walkie, Manual Pallet Truck
WP52-60 – 6000 lb Heavy Duty Rider, AC Drive
WP53 Series – 6000 lb/8000 lb Walkie, AC Drive Motor and EPS

Straddle Stackers

WS22SS – Walkie, 2200 lbs, Lift Heights: 63” / 99” / 118” / 130”
WS92 – Walkie (Rider Optional), AC Drive, 3500 lbs / 4000 lbs, Lift Height: 118″

Counterbalance Stackers

CBES Series – 3000 lb Walkie Electric Counterbalance Stacker, Lift Heights: 130″ / 177″,AC Drive Motor

Electric Reach Stackers

WRS81-30T – 3000 lb, Walkie/Rider, AC & EPS
WRS85-30 – 3000 lb, Walkie, AC & EPS, Heavy Duty

Wheel Electric Forklift 2200 lb

CPD22 – 2200 lb, Rider, 118″ Duplex with Free Lift