Absolute E-Z Up®

Absolute E-Z Up®

What’s the number one reason your business isn’t more efficient?

Sure, there are big picture processes that play a role. But from what we’ve seen, the primary cause of low productivity is the time that gets wasted on the job site – avoidable problems that slow down the whole process. Things like:

  1. Unreliable equipment that breaks down…again!
  2. Workers out due to injury from falls from ladders or scaffolding
  3. Low capacity equipment requiring multiple trips to move materials
  4. Not having the right equipment – taking more manpower to get the work done

Absolute E-Z Up® (AEUP) delivers safe, reliable work platforms, industrial stock pickers, stair climbers and material handling products that increase productivity by leaps and bounds. We’re talking 2X, 3X – or even more efficient work cycles – and with drastically reduced downtime from maintenance and repair.

Aerial Work Platforms – Self-Propelled Lifts

pennwest absolute ez up aerial work platforms self propelled

Safely reach working heights from 14 to almost 22 ft.

The Industrial Aerial Work Platforms (IAWP series) have lower ground clearance and work best on flat surfaces – including gravel and indoor flooring.

The Construction Aerial Work Platform (CAWP) has higher ground clearance and can traverse more challenging jobsites, whether indoors or out. Holds two workers.

Industrial Stock Pickers – Manual & Electric

pennwest absolute ez up industrial stock pickers manual and electric

Increase material handling efficiency in a variety of industries and workplaces, from retail to warehouses, factories or event venues. The ISP series is ideal for indoor uses, but also works on flat outdoor surfaces such as sidewalks.

If affordable efficiency is your priority, the manual ISP-7M™ has the highest working height of any manual lift platform.

For maximum versatility with modern safety features like double-foot sensors, the ISP-11™ will allow your team to work faster, safer, and with less strain on your workers.

E-Z Climber™ Tracked Stair Climber

pennwest absolute ez up ez climber tracked stair climber
  • E-Z Climber™ is an indispensable partner for people moving heavy and/or bulky objects. The E-Z Climber is available in three different models, each with specific attributes that allow you to choose the price point and features that meet your needs.
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Load Carriers

pennwest absolute ez up electric utility vehicles load carriers

Tow Products

pennwest absolute ez up tow products

Through Zallys, AEUP now offers a unique line of electric utility vehicles that can push, pull or steer wheeled loads up to 33,069 lbs, increasing productivity with less strain on your team.

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