Racking / Storage

Racking and storage solutions that are guaranteed to improve your warehouse space

PennWest can help you improve your warehouse today!

Warehouse Racking & Storage

Our warehouse racking and storage experts can help you to improve your storage capabilities, organize your facility and stock inventory. PennWest can handle everything from comprehensive rack design and insightful engineering to delivery and installation.

Warehouse Racking & Storage Solutions Include:

Pallets are placed on a series of nested, mobile carts which then glide on inclined rails.


Create high-density storage with one entrance and exit.


Get increased access to pallets with aisles at both ends of racking structure.


Store bulk products like lumber or rebar on load bearing arms which are supported on one end.


Add wire deck to your current shelves for increased stability.


Pallets are loaded and flow down a series of rollers or wheels to be unloaded at the other end.

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