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Toyota Material Handling Acquires PennWest Toyota Lift

COLUMBUS, Ind. (July 1, 2022) – Toyota Material Handling (TMH) has announced the acquisition of PennWest Toyota Lift, a Pennsylvania-based forklift dealership with locations in Mount Pleasant, Pittsburgh and Erie, PA. The acquisition was formally finalized on July 1. The company will keep its name, with no change in support or staffing.

“PennWest has been a respected part of the Toyota dealer network for years and a terrific representative of everything Toyota stands for,” said Steve Tadd, TMH Director of Dealer Development. “This acquisition will ensure Toyota’s continued representation in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia, and offer continued support to PennWest’s customers.”

TMH entered into this agreement to facilitate succession planning for PennWest. PennWest has one of the most extensive track records of success of all the Toyota dealerships, earning the prestigious President’s Award for both 2018 and 2020. PennWest’s key executives and management will remain and continue to manage the business on behalf of […]

PennWest Awarded Toyota Material Handling President’s Award

Toyota Material Handling (TMH) announced PennWest Toyota Lift is a recipient of the annual President’s Award which recognizes the top Toyota forklift dealers in North America. The prestigious award recognizes the dealers who perform at the highest level in parts, service, equipment sales, customer satisfaction and overall operations.

The winners, announced during Toyota’s Annual Dealer Meeting in March, will celebrate together in London and Scotland this fall.

The full list of 2020 President’s Award winners:

  • Allied Toyotalift, Knoxville, Tennessee
  • Conger Toyota-Lift, Green Bay, Wisconsin
  • Dillon Toyotalift, Nampa, Idaho
  • Lift Truck Supply, Tyler, Texas
  • Lift, Inc., Mountville, Pennsylvania
  • Madland Toyota-Lift, Bakersfield, California
  • PennWest Toyota Lift, Mount Pleasant, Pennsylvania
  • ProLift Toyota Material Handling, Louisville, Kentucky
  • Southeast Industrial Equipment, Charlotte, North Carolina
  • Southern States Toyotalift, Tampa, Florida
  • Southwest Toyotalift, Mira Loma, California
  • Summit ToyotaLift, North Haven, Connecticut
  • Toyota Material Handling Systems, Scottdale, Georgia
  • Toyota Material Handling Northern California, Livermore, California
  • W.D. Matthews Machinery Co., Auburn, Maine

“Despite the adversity our world faced in 2020, our dealers adapted and worked more […]

Forklift Battery Care in Winter

Winter in western Pennsylvania can be harsh and it can wreak havoc on forklift batteries. Did you know that cold weather reduces battery capacity and can shorten lifespan?

Fortunately, you can optimize battery performance, capacity, and lifespan year-round with just a few strategies.

forklift battery

What happens to forklift batteries in winter?  

In cold weather batteries are not as responsive even if the forklifts are used in indoor warehouses, as they often are not heated much or at all, so the cold weather will still affect the battery. Batteries power the forklift through producing electricity through a chemical reaction between lead and acid. The cold will cause this process to slow down and produce less power. Much like how your car won’t start on a winter morning because it can’t turn over, this is because the battery […]

Sweeping vs. Scrubbing: Things to Consider

When investing in a new or used commercial ride-on or walk-behind sweeper or scrubber, there are many things to consider. Gas or electric? Ride-on or walk-behind? Sweeper or scrubber? How clean do the floors need to be? In this overview, we’ll present you with helpful information that can assist you with your decision.

Sweeping PositivesNegativesLow cost of ownership
Low maintenance
Good for light to heavy debrisFloor doesn’t appear as clean
Less light reflection
Safety issues if silica present

In some cases it may be necessary to choose scrubbing over sweeping due to the current floor conditions and the amount of debris that accumulates during a normal day. To what extent does the dust and dirt affect the manufacturing process and the finished product? What type of appearance do you wish to present to employees and also to prospective customers? Both Sweepers and […]

Winterize your forklift fleet for snow, ice, & cold weather

Winterizing your fleet and facilities is no small task and it can have serious long-term impact if you don’t take the right forklift weather protection steps before snow piles up. So where to start? The forklift experts at Toyota Material Handling have provided a few tips

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