Planned Maintenance Programs

Planned Maintenance lowers your cost and increases your productivity.

Keep your business running with planned maintenance!

Planned Maintenance: Keep your business running

Don’t let valuable time and money be spent on costly repairs that could have been avoided with forklift planned maintenance.

PennWest’s planned maintenance programs are designed to increase your uptime and decrease your cost. We can help you decrease fleet sizes, increase uptime and cut your costs. With over 1,400 forklifts on contract service agreements, our customers have found excellent value in the contract services we provide.

  • Forklift Planned Maintenance (PM) Agreements: Allow you to maintain your fleet on your time, without disrupting your business cycle.
  • Long Term Maintenance Contracts: Provide fixed cost solutions for sensitive budgets by removing troublesome variable costs.
  • Time and Material Solutions: Keep invoicing simple by billing you for time and material used.

For more information regarding our Planned Maintenance and Repair Programs e-mail us or call (800) 221-5438.

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250 hrs6 mo.
  • PennWest’s Basic plan consists of an engine oil and filter changegrease and a complete safety inspection.

PLUS 1,000

1,000 hrs12 mo.
  • PennWest’s Plus service includes all the items done during the basic service plus transmission oil and filter and fuel filter.


2,000 hrs12 mo.
  • During this service our qualified technicians will change all filters and fluids on your equipment. Just like every other service PennWest offers we will also grease and do a complete safety inspection on your equipment.


  • If you prefer a fixed price per month to help cover incidental wear items, let us know and we will add it in as a Custom Option. Items such as tires, batteries, lights are a good example. We will add the price of the additional service to the package. Instead of seeing a large bill during the year, the cost will be smoothed in over the year to stay within your monthly budget.
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