In Plant Buildings

Increase your plants utility without adding square feet! Build inside your building

PennWest can help you improve your warehouse today!

In-Plant Building Solutions: Re-imagining your space

Save space, control environmental conditions, separate distinct areas, and improve safety with in-plant buildings, structures and storage solutions. From initial concept to installation, we’ll work with you to customize and optimize your space to fit your needs.

Warehouse In-Plant Building Solutions Include:

Enclose manufacturing processes with specific architectural and environmental requirements.


Gain extra square footage to accommodate your workers or to store equipment and supplies.


Designed for bulk, oversized, or awkwardly-shaped items, our industrial-grade cantilever racking stands up to any storage situation.


Enjoy a safe and comfortable work environment, separated from the surrounding facility.


Safeguard your equipment from vandalism, theft and the elements.


Multipurpose and maintenance-free, our wire mesh lockers keep your belongings safe and in constant view.

in plant solutions
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