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forklift battery

Winter in western Pennsylvania can be harsh and it can wreak havoc on forklift batteries. Did you know that cold weather reduces battery capacity and can shorten lifespan?

Fortunately, you can optimize battery performance, capacity, and lifespan year-round with just a few strategies.

forklift battery

What happens to forklift batteries in winter?  

In cold weather batteries are not as responsive even if the forklifts are used in indoor warehouses, as they often are not heated much or at all, so the cold weather will still affect the battery. Batteries power the forklift through producing electricity through a chemical reaction between lead and acid. The cold will cause this process to slow down and produce less power. Much like how your car won’t start on a winter morning because it can’t turn over, this is because the battery [...]

Operating forklifts in cold storage facilities presents several challenges that can limit the success of operators and companies. Efficiencies in forklift use become even more challenging when a forklift is placed in alternate temperature environments in the same operation, whether for storage or operation. To make sure you have the best facility design and forklifts for your workplace and application, you should talk to a consultant familiar with your industry generally and your operation specifically to help fill gaps, enhance safety, and increase efficiencies.

One of the most important tasks that face cold room forklift users is the need to reduce condensation on a forklift while in warm temperatures, helping to prevent freezing when re-entering frigid spaces. Freezing can cause inefficient operation and downtime for the forklifts, resulting in lost throughput for the cold operations. A few best practices can help to prevent these inefficiencies, providing [...]

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