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Corrosion Kills Batteries

It doesn’t take long for corrosion to ruin a good battery. As if the battery doesn’t have a rough life to begin with. There are several reasons these batteries failed. Externally they are corroded and don’t look pretty.

Internally, all of the chemicals necessary to create energy are now on the outside of the battery. It’s on the battery surface, the forklift, the floor, the operator and hopefully no on the products that your company makes. Yes, these batteries range in price from $3,000.00 to $12,000.00. They have not survived the warranty period.

Each of these customers have had to replace these batteries with either new or used units. However, in every case the outcome will be virtually the same. Premature battery failure due to improper maintenance. The customer must deal with the issue in many ways:

“Spend More Money”

“Buy New Batteries”

“The way they keep them they don’t deserve new”

Lost productivity, wasted time, forklift repairs due to high temperatures and low voltages are just a few of the problems with poor battery maintenance.

Electric forklift batteries are built to give you power for 5+ years. The maintenance is easy if you have the proper knowledge. Don’t let lack of knowledge cost you thousands of dollars! Follow these steps!

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